How ‘Polaris Mall’ will help polar bear?

This is the latest attempt by a Canadian company to make a “polar bears home” in the mall.

Polaris Properties and its Chinese partners plan to install two ice-filled “pilots” at the mall in the next six months. 

Polarises owners plan to turn the mall into a tourist attraction with a “stunning” display of polar bears, the New York Times reports. 

The Polarises company said the bears will be able to “visit a polar bear exhibit at one of the world’s largest shopping centers” and also take in a “world-class performance by the polar bear performers.”

The polar bears will also be able “interact with polar bears and their cubs,” according to the plan.

“The Polar Bears exhibit at Polarises Mall will be a unique, interactive, and immersive experience,” the company said.

“The polar bears exhibit at the polar bears mall will have the opportunity to see and interact with polar bear species, while providing an experience that is truly unique to the polar environment.” 

The polar bear exhibition at the Polarises mall will also include a “semi-autonomous polar bear program” that will “provide the polar population with opportunities to learn, engage and live together with other animals,” according the Polaris site. 

There are currently more than 1,000 polar bears in the United States, according to Polaris.

The company said it hopes to increase the number of polar bear exhibits in Canada and Europe. 

“The polar population in Canada has been steadily declining over the past several decades and our goal is to make the polar exhibit at P.A. Mall in Canada a reality in the years to come,” the Polarices site said. 

It’s not the first time polar bears have been made into a permanent feature in the Mall. 

In 2014, an outdoor installation in the lobby of the mall featured a polar exhibit.

That was also the first Polarises exhibit to be installed on the Mall, the Times reports, citing the mall’s official website.

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