How to shop in the cottonwood mall in Chandler, Georgia

Chandler, Ga.

(AP) The cottonwood is a mall of sorts for the Atlanta area.

A combination of historic architecture and sleek modern design, it houses upscale boutiques, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

The mall also is a hub for the city of Chandler, home to more than 8 million people.

This week, the mall hosted a “Shelter in Place” event to support local families who are experiencing homelessness.

Here are some things you need to know about the Cottonwood Mall.

What is the Cottonwoods location?

The Cottonwoods is a mixed-use mall located in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Its opening day opened with a celebration of the mall’s heritage and is now the only major mall in Georgia that hosts a day of events on the day before the opening.

In 2015, the Mall of Atlanta received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide affordable housing to residents of the Atlanta metro area.

Where are the malls located?

The Cottonwoods, located at the corner of the Cobb County line and North Capitol Avenue, is located just east of Interstate 20.

It is just a short walk to I-20 and is a convenient location to get around the Atlanta metropolitan area and the surrounding areas.

It’s located just outside of downtown, about a 10-minute walk from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Georgia State University campus.

What is the city planning for the Cotton Woods mall?

Atlanta’s city leaders are looking to make the Cottonlands mall a more “truly community-focused, welcoming and sustainable” location, according to a city-owned press release.

“This is not a mall to accommodate corporate headquarters, luxury condos or luxury retail,” the release said.

The mall’s plan is to open in late 2019, which would be a little more than five years after the mall opened.

The city has already announced it is planning to build a “Cottonwood Town Center,” with a new convention center, restaurants, theaters and retail.

This week, Chandler Mayor Scott Walker said the Cotton woods is “a great opportunity for the City to make a great contribution to the local economy.”

He said the city is also “looking forward to the revitalization of the Cottonyards in the coming years.”

Who is participating in the “Shedding Light” event?

More than 1,300 volunteers from across the metro area are helping to prepare and deliver food and supplies for the event.

There will be free food and drink to the first 400 participants who donate $5, which can be used for any items.

The Cottonwood will also donate 50 percent of proceeds from food and drinks to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

A third-party organization will be responsible for the remaining $250,000.

How can I help?

Anyone interested in helping is encouraged to attend the event, which is free to attend.

Volunteers will need to bring their own canned goods to donate to the Cottonies Food Bank and food to donate in the form of a canned goods donation bag.

The event is being held in the Cottonworth Commons, located just off of Interstate 285 in downtown Atlanta, where many of the events that have taken place at the Cottontons in the past have taken a toll.

People who would like to help the Cottonbrooks can donate to its GoFundMe page here.

To donate in person, check-in to the event at Cottonwood Mills, located on North Capitol, at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

For more information on the CottonTowns, visit www.

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