The mall that’s been on the rise

Cordova Mall in the Bronx is now home to a major new luxury high-rise. 

It’s the second-tallest high-rises in the city. 

“We want to build something that is a little bit special,” says Chris Wahl, executive vice president of the company. 

He’s referring to the mall’s unique blend of art and architecture. 

And the mall is on the way. 

Wahl says they’re going to have a large public plaza at the top of the mall. 

For now, though, the project is still in its early stages. 

The project will be open for a few weeks before the city council approves it, and Wahl says the public will have a chance to see what’s going on before construction begins.

“We have to make sure that we get a really good idea of the kind of buildings that are going to be in the park before we can move forward,” he says. 

As part of the planning process, Wahl’s team is taking a closer look at the city’s plan to develop the park, which is being built with $30 million in city funds. 

They’re also taking a close look at how the park’s design will fit in with the city plan to build a major park, and what kind of services it would provide. 

But for now, they’re taking a look at other things like the size of the building, the layout of the buildings, the design of the walkways, the height of the structures, and whether or not the parkside parking is going to provide access to other parts of the city, Wagler says. 

 For example, Wagar says that because the new tower is so tall, it will have to be on a lot of ground floor parking. 

That’s a concern with the current structure, which has two levels, Waggler says, “so we want to make that design as efficient as possible.”

The project’s been a challenge for many city officials, as they have struggled to find a way to develop a public plaza without having to make some compromises. 

When the project was first announced in 2007, Waga says the city wanted to develop an area between the mall and a large park. 

A lot of people had concerns that this would be too close to the city center, and so that would be a big issue for them. 

So they tried to develop some kind of public plaza that was within walking distance, and then also along the river, but they couldn’t get to that public plaza. 

In the end, they came up with something that’s more like a public park, Wager says.

Wagler’s team says that they’ve had to come up with a variety of ways to incorporate the plaza in the design, including adding walkways to the existing building, making a large open space along the waterfront, and adding an additional walkway on the east side of the complex. 

We’re looking at different ways that we can integrate the plaza into the plan, Waule says.

We’re also looking at ways that the public can get closer to the park so that we don’t have to move the plaza away from the park itself,” he adds.”

The park is a key element of the future, so we want that to be a priority.

“The development project will also be part of a larger development that will be taking place in the Westchester neighborhood of Manhattan. 

 The Westchester City Council has approved $25 million in new funding to renovate the old World Trade Center in the borough. 

Mayor Bloomberg is expected to announce plans for a major overhaul of the area as part of his re-election campaign. 

(Follow us on Twitter: @BuzzFeedNewYork) The redevelopment will include the construction of two towers at the site, which will span 1,600 feet. 

According to Waggier, the development is expected be complete in 2019, and will include a new restaurant, a grocery store, a movie theater, and retail. 

With the new development, Waghler says they hope to bring a new level of retail to the area, something that hasn’t been done in New York City for a while. 

More from Buzzfeed: The New York Times reports that the project has been designed to be accessible to anyone who wants to shop, and that the entire site is designed to make it easy for people to walk to the retail center. 

Here’s a closer shot of the development: And here’s a look inside: You can see more from the project on Buzzfeed.

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