Which mall is the best in the world for a walkable, walkable commute?

Oakland’s iconic Oakland Mall, which is home to the world famous Oakland Athletics baseball team, is getting a major overhaul, and it’s not all about the food.

The mall will be open to the public for two days per week starting August 12, with a free outdoor concert on the last day.

This is going to be a big change for Oakland, as the city has had a number of major upgrades to the mall in recent years.

The most recent of these came in 2012, when the mall opened its doors to the general public.

Oakland’s mall was originally built in 1926, but was renamed the Oakland Coliseum in 2002.

It was then upgraded in 2013 to become the Oakland Meadows, which opened in 2019 and became the city’s tallest residential building at 1,717 feet (500 meters).

This was the biggest renovation in the city in the past 10 years, with over $5 billion being spent on the complex.

The Oakland Meadows will include restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets as well as a large parking garage and a shopping mall, as well.

There will be an outdoor concert venue and a movie theater that will open on the final day.

There will also be a bike and pedestrian path that will be located just outside the entrance to the park.

One of the most anticipated changes will be the opening of the Eastview Mall.

This will be a new mall with a different vibe than the Oakland Mall.

The Eastview mall opened in January 2018, and will include a number on-site restaurants and shops.

Eastview Mall will also feature a free public concert on Friday, August 12.

There is a free event for visitors, but only on the first Friday of the month.

This will be one of the last major upgrades at the Eastwood Mall.

In 2020, it was converted into a retail center.

It will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays during construction.

Other changes coming to the Oakland Mills will include the opening in 2018 of a food truck park, a new public walkway connecting the mall with the park, and a new indoor shopping mall.

These changes will also come at the request of the city.

It is hoped that by opening the Eastwoods, the city can make a major investment in its future.

If you like what you see, check out our guide to the best malls in the US for a more complete list of cities.

Read more about the Oakland mall:

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