Delhi: Vibrant New Urban Spaces: Vans, Clothing, and Home Goods at The Times

Vans and clothing shops on the outskirts of Delhi’s Belden Village Mall were buzzing with activity on Saturday as a busy day of shopping was in full swing.

A vendor at one of the shops had a few pieces of clothing that were in their first weeks of production and a customer was waiting for them to be sold.

“I have been waiting for the brand to launch here and now, I can see the excitement,” said Manu, a local vendor, as he pulled up the sleeves of one of his shirts.

“It is the first time I am buying a piece of clothes at home, it is really exciting.

I hope that it sells well and helps the community.”

A large number of vendors were busy selling clothes, toys and furniture on the street and in the malls.

In the evening, a shopkeeper at Beldens Mall also had a piece for sale and a young boy who had been shopping in the nearby mall, was also keen to buy it.

“My son, he is the only one in his family to shop in the mall,” said the shopkeeper.

“He wants to go shopping with me as he does not like shopping at malls.

I am hoping that he can buy a piece from me in the next few days.”

On a Friday, a vendor at the Beldene Village Mall was selling a new product.

“A few months ago, I had to sell the old one,” said Vipin, who was selling the jeans.

“I sold a couple of old jeans, but now, we have a new pair.

I think they are going to be popular.”

He had been selling jeans for the last couple of years, and had started selling them in the new mall.

Vipin was excited about the new product as well.

“We will be selling these jeans on Saturday, they are a little bit different,” he said.

“They are more stylish, and they look great.

I will buy them myself.”

The new product is made of high-quality fabrics that are not made in India.

Vipins family owned and operated jeans factory in the neighbouring state of Punjab, India.

The factory is now exporting its jeans to India.

A few days ago, a young girl, who works at a textile shop, was selling her clothes on the floor.

“The clothes are new, I have to wear them,” said a woman, who has worked in the textile shop for the past six years.

“But I am very happy about it, I am so happy.”

“I bought my first pair of jeans at a shop in India a couple years ago, so now I am happy to wear the new ones,” said another woman, selling clothes for the first and second time.

“Now I am selling them here as well.”

The first pair was made in China and the second pair were made in Bangladesh.

The jeans are made in Delhi by an independent company, Janshahi, and the customer pays a fee for the goods.

The company says that it is making garments from the best fabrics available in the country, but it is not the first to do so.

In India, the government has promised to make India a manufacturing powerhouse and said it will create over 4 lakh new jobs.

The country has already invested $40 billion in textile and apparel production, including more than $30 billion in the past five years alone.

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