How a giant mall in Chandler could be reborn

By Amy E. HickeyThe Chandler Mall was one of the largest shopping malls in the country when it opened in 1954.

It was so big that when the first car was sold in the mall, there were no other cars in town to get a car for.

Today, the Chandler Mall is a destination for travelers from all over the world.

In fact, Chandler has a population of more than 5.3 million people, making it the largest city in Arizona.

Chandler is located in the northern Arizona desert.

There are more than 1,300 miles of highway in the area, making Chandler one of Arizona’s fastest-growing cities.

There is no interstate highway connecting Chandler to Phoenix.

Chandler has also become a destination among tech workers in the Valley of the Sun, where tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are located.

The mall was built to sell merchandise to shoppers in the Phoenix area.

There were more than 100 stores at the time, and they included a car dealership, a candy store, a shoe and clothing store, and a jewelry store.

The Chandler Mall has since been turned into the new headquarters for the Phoenix International Airport.

Now, the new Phoenix International airport is the home to the Chandler-Mesa International Airport, and it is the first of its kind in the United States.

Chandler Mall will become a mixed-use district with a mix of retail, restaurants and hotels, which is the centerpiece of a new plan to bring the mall to a new and better state.

The new district is called the Chandler Town East Mall, and the first phase of the project will begin in 2021.

The first phase will be called “The Town East,” and it will include about 1,500 acres of land along the eastern edge of Chandler.

The project is expected to cost about $1 billion.

The plans include a new shopping mall with about 500 apartments, a hotel, restaurants, a movie theater, and other commercial space, according to the Phoenix New Times.

There will be more than 200 new jobs, and there will be a new pedestrian bridge that will connect the mall and the airport.

The site is also home to a museum, a historic courthouse, and many parks and trails.

In 2018, the Arizona Republic reported that the project is projected to be ready in 2022.

It is expected that construction of the shopping mall will begin later this year.

There has been a lot of controversy over the mall’s development.

A number of groups have been opposed to the project.

The Arizona Republic’s editorial board wrote in 2018 that it was not the mall that made the mall such a popular destination for tourists, and that “the project will create an enormous traffic hazard for downtown Chandler.”

The newspaper added that the area “should be more pedestrian-friendly, with sidewalks, bike lanes and more parks.”

Chandler residents have also expressed concerns about the impact on their neighborhood.

In a community meeting earlier this year, residents told the Arizona Daily Star that they wanted the mall torn down because of the negative effects that it will have on their streets.

The article said that there was a lot to be concerned about, including the potential for people to get hit by cars on the streets, and traffic congestion.

A large portion of the mall will be used for commercial space.

According to the newspaper, the project could create about 600 new jobs in the local area.

Chandler Mayor Dan Patrick told the newspaper that “if you’re going to put an international airport in the middle of Chandler, it should be a place where we can get that airport in and not have the traffic issues that we’ve had.”

The project will be built on more than 8 million acres of undeveloped land, according the Republic.

The Phoenix New Star said that the first phases of the development will include “a new shopping center with about 5,000 apartments, hotels, restaurants,” and a hotel.

The Times said that construction could begin in 2024.

It will also include a restaurant, a new courthouse, parks, and trails for visitors to enjoy.

The developer said in a statement that the new district will be the “home of the Chandler Airport, a $3.6 billion, 1,800-acre project in the heart of downtown Chandler, with a major focus on the airport’s capacity and amenities.”

The plan is being developed with support from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The plan includes a $300 million loan from the Phoenix Federal Aviation Development Authority and a $400 million loan to the city.

According the New Times, the airport will be home to “an international airport with a number of new hotel, restaurant, and retail space, and will support a new, integrated transportation system for the entire region.”

The airport will also have an office and a conference center.

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