How Chandler Mall got a nickname from the Garden of Eden

The name of Chandler’s mall got its nickname from an old-fashioned saying that goes something like “chandlers meadow.”

The Mall at Chandler, a shopping center just north of downtown Phoenix, opened in 1962 and opened as a single-family house, with lots of parking, according to its website.

It has long been known as a neighborhood shopping destination and a popular destination for families to hang out, shop, and play.

The Mall has seen significant changes over the years, including a remodel last year.

It reopened last week and was open to the public on Monday.

But it’s not just the mall that has changed.

The mall’s name is part of the name of the city’s newest development, an 80-unit apartment tower at 1650 East Chandler Blvd., which is currently under construction.

The building is being built by the developers of the former Sears Tower, a high-rise apartment building at 15th and Chandler streets.

According to the Chandler Sun, the developers said they wanted Chandler to have a “more pedestrian-friendly, urban feel.”

And they wanted the mall to be a place for families, with “a mix of housing types and a mix of activities.”

The mall has a number of different activities, according the developers.

There’s a shopping cart race, a children’s play area, a skate park, and a horseback riding event.

The mall also hosts a music festival and a community garden.

The architects of the mall have also taken the time to put together a guide on how to create a signature shopping experience for Chandler’s residents.

The guide was released this week and the Chandler City Council is expected to vote on it this week.

The developers of Chandler also released a short video of the design process for the mall.

It features images of the original Chandler Mall, as well as a new mall that is being developed.

The video shows a variety of items being purchased from various vendors.

The vendor sells a range of items, including handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and jewelry accessories.

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