How the cherry creek-Mall in Cherryvale Mall got its name: ‘We were a bunch of kids’

How did the Cherry Creek Mall in Cherry Valley, California, become known as the “Cherry Creek Mall”?

It all started when two girls, Anna and Kaya, had to leave home in their early 20s for a job at a California food processing plant.

Anna said they couldn’t afford to pay their rent, so they got the help of an acquaintance who helped pay for the trip.

After a few weeks, Anna had a job and Kana, who was in her 20s at the time, joined her.

The two of them, along with their friend, started selling items at the mall.

Anna’s work eventually led to the creation of a store and the name “Candy Creek Mall,” which was coined after a popular local candy company.

Anna said she still remembers the day her friend introduced her to the mall’s first employee, Kaya.

Anna and her friend were looking for a place to store their Christmas decorations, but Kaya was already working there, so Anna decided to introduce her.

“She was such a sweetheart,” Anna recalled.

“I knew she would be a great employee.”

Anna told ABC News that she’s always known the mall was a place for kids to play, hang out and meet friends.

“It was like a community,” Anna said.

“It was just a nice place for us to go to.

We were a lot of fun.”

Anna, Kana and their friend spent a few months working at the Cherry Valley Mall before they started looking for more work.

Anna wanted to expand her store and was looking for an outlet for her store’s merchandise.

“We were looking to expand our store, but we wanted to do it in a way that was sustainable and in a place that had the community that we had been,” Anna explained.

“We needed a place where we would be able to sell to kids.”

After finding an outlet that was convenient for them and where the kids would be happy, Anna, Kaka and their friends began to look for another store to open.

One day in 2015, Kora called Anna to tell her about the Cherry Ridge Mall.

Anna was excited, but she didn’t know how to get there.

She said Kora had always planned to open a new candy store and hoped to open the Cherryridge Mall next.

“I was really excited, because I always wanted to open candy stores,” Anna told the ABC affiliate.

“But we didn’t really have any locations open.”

Anna said that while the mall opened, she still felt like she was a part of it, but it didn’t feel like it was working out.

“Candy was just so cheap,” Anna admitted.

“The kids had no money.

And they had no work.

They were so young, so we didn-they were just kids.”

Anna’s store was the first to open in the mall and it quickly became a hit.

Anna told NBC affiliate KTVU that her store brought in around $100,000 in revenue.

Anna continued to expand the mall, and the Cherry Crest Mall, which opened in 2020, also started to thrive.

In addition to the Cherry River Mall, the Cherryvale mall now has more than 100 stores and is now the fourth-largest shopping center in the United States.

Anna also told KTVV that the mall had helped her build her business.

“The kids were just happy, because they got to come and hang out with their friends, play in the water and watch the fireworks,” Anna added.

“Now they know that the candy is the center of the universe, and they can hang out at Candy Creek Mall and go to the movies, too.”

Anna and Kota have been in the industry for over 10 years, and their business is now expanding at an incredible rate.

Anna recently opened another store in the Cherry Springs Mall in Colorado, and Kava said she’s also looking to open new stores in the coming months.

Anna and her family said they’ve always been thankful to the people of Cherry Valley for their support and support of their business.

“This mall has been so important to us,” Anna remarked.

“Because we could just stay home and shop for our groceries, and now we have the opportunity to go out and go shopping and meet people.”

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