How the green acres mall went from a $10 million project to a $50 million one

The green acres shopping mall opened in 2008 as a way to revitalize the former Detroit suburb.

Since then, the mall has grown from a mere 13,000 square feet to more than 50,000.

In the process, it has transformed a city that once looked to the suburbs as a model of urban renewal.

But as the mall’s popularity continues to grow, the shopping mall is also finding itself at the center of controversy over its development.

On May 14, the city announced it was seeking a lawsuit from developers to halt the project, alleging it has violated the city’s affordable housing laws.

In a filing with the city, the developers claimed that the mall “was designed with a high degree of urban density in mind,” which they say violates the city charter.

In June, the lawsuit was filed by the Alliance for Neighborhood Living and the Center for Neighborhood Progress, two organizations that work to address gentrification in the city.

In its petition to halt construction, the Alliance said the mall is “unsuitable for any type of public housing project” and that “an investment in new housing units for the poor is not in the public interest.”

The Center for Justice, an organization that fights housing discrimination and supports community development, also filed the lawsuit.

The developers contend that they are the victims of a political-economic conspiracy that “further exacerbates existing displacement and economic exclusion in the neighborhood,” according to the lawsuit filed on behalf of the Alliance and the Community Development Institute.

The petition was filed in federal court in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday and is scheduled to go before a judge on June 13.

The Alliance and CDI have been among several groups suing the city in an effort to block the project.

A spokeswoman for the city did not respond to questions about the lawsuit or why the city was trying to block construction.

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