The Biggest Deals of 2018

A year ago, when we wrote about the top deals of the year, we thought that we’d give you a quick look at the top mall deals of 2018, which included deals that weren’t on our list but you may have heard of if you live in one of the nation’s most populous metro areas.

In addition to the big ticket items listed above, we also gave you a few other noteworthy deals for 2018.

One of the big draws to shopping at a mall is that you’re surrounded by a whole bunch of awesome and unique items.

Here are the top five deals of 2017: 1.

Black Friday 2018 Black Friday sales continue to be extremely popular, and with them comes a new shopping season for many of the biggest mall chains.

As usual, we’re ranking all the big deals we’ve seen at participating retailers, including some of the most exciting new products.

The top five Black Friday deals include: Target: $129.99 Target will offer up to four bags of Target gift cards for $99 each for a limited time.

This is a great way to jump into the holiday spirit.

Macy’s: $130.00 The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Sale will offer a 30% off sale on Thanksgiving Day to all Macy’s shoppers.

You’ll get 20% off Thanksgiving Day purchases at Macy’s stores.


Apple iPhone XS and XS Max: iPhone Xs and Xs Max are now available in stores nationwide.

Apple has updated the iPhone X and X Max to include an upgraded camera module, an improved optical image stabilization and a new Face ID sensor, all to provide a smoother user experience.

It’s the first iPhone X with a front-facing camera and an improved battery life.


Sony SmartWatch 3: The Sony Smart Watch 3 will be available on Nov. 19 for $399.

Sony has made its new smartwatch smart enough that it’s compatible with any Apple Watch.

Samsung: $159.99 The Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 will be offered in stores on Nov 21 for $299.

Samsung is also offering a $150 rebate toward a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and S8+.


Amazon Echo Show: Amazon Echo Shows are a new way for Amazon to bring the Echo Show to your home with a variety of new features.

They’ll include Alexa support and smart speaker controls, but also voice-activated video calling, and more.

They’re available for $129 for two years and $199 for three years.


Macy, Macy’s and Sears all get the same price: Macy’s will be offering its full line of Macy’s merchandise for $149.99 through Nov. 27, and Macy’s is offering discounted items through Nov 27.

It also will be selling a new Macy’s Signature collection for $79.99 for a week.

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