What’s in store for Oak Brook’s Willowbrook Mall?

It’s a mall with more to it than a collection of boutiques.

Oak Brook has seen its share of changes in recent years, as malls and shopping centers have undergone some of the most dramatic growth in the country.

And the mall is no exception.

The mall is undergoing a major remodeling effort, and the mall’s first phase is set to open in 2018.

The mall is a key component of Oak Brook, which has grown rapidly in recent decades.

The city, which is home to the state capital, has grown at an impressive rate over the past decade.

But Oak Brook has struggled to maintain the same pace of growth in recent times.

The city’s population has grown by about 4 percent annually over the last decade, and Oak Brook is growing by 2 percent annually, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The trend has continued into the last three years.

Oakbrook’s population also grew by about 7 percent over the same period, with the number of residents increasing by about 1,400 residents, according the U:S.


That growth has resulted in a number of high-profile changes at the mall.

In December, Oak Brook announced plans to renovate its iconic downtown retail district and add more than 3,000 jobs.

The plans included a $2.5 million plan to create a new restaurant and food court and create two new retail spaces.

But the plan has not been able to bring the same number of jobs and retail space, as Oak Brook had hoped.

And some of those jobs are not currently located in the mall, according of a statement from the Oak Brook Mall Authority.

“The project will be subject to many of the same constraints as any other development that is currently under construction in the area,” the mall authority said in the statement.

The Oak Brook mall will have a new, larger shopping center, with nearly 20 acres of retail space.

The plan includes more than 300,000 square feet of retail in the proposed building, which will also include restaurants, a hotel and offices for the company.

The development will be constructed at a cost of about $25 million.

The proposed building is currently undergoing construction, according a statement issued by the mall authorities.

“The project is currently in construction and is scheduled to open as soon as the project is completed,” the statement read.

It is not known when the Oak Brooks mall will open, or when it will open at all.

The Oak Brook mayor’s office did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Oak Park, the largest city in Oak Brook County, has seen a rapid increase in the population in recent memory.

The area has a population of more than 6.3 million, according census data.

In recent years the population has been growing rapidly, as people moved into Oak Brook and other areas.

Oak-L-Bradley Development Corp., a real estate company based in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, has built several buildings in Oak Park over the years, including a shopping center.

The company is currently seeking a new development site for its retail site.

Oakmont Mall, a company that manages and manages the Oakmont Mall area, has also built several large retail properties in the city, including the Oakbrook Mall and Oakbrook Center.

The project includes a new hotel, a shopping mall, and a new residential complex.

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