When did we become ‘social justice warriors’?

A social justice warrior is a self-proclaimed advocate for justice.

A social liberal is a person who believes that all people should be treated equally, regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. 

What do these terms have in common? 

They all have a single word in common: “social justice”. 

But why is it that these terms are being used to label anyone who disagrees with them? 

One of the key ingredients of social justice is an emphasis on equality. 

For example, the Equality Act states that everyone should be entitled to equal treatment in all areas of public life. 

The Equality Act also provides that: ‘The law shall be applied impartially and without discrimination, and shall be based on equal opportunities and opportunity for all’. 

However, there is one key difference between equality and social justice: social justice does not equate to equality.

Why is that?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) says that it is important for the definition of social equity to be ‘clear, consistent and impartial’.

According to the EHRC, equality in the law is a concept which encompasses the following elements: (1) the equality of opportunities to be had, (2) the equal protection of the laws and (3) the dignity of each person, regardless to what their race or religion or sexual orientations may be. 

If the Equality and Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is to be applied as a guide, social justice must also be applied with respect to the law. 

How does this apply to Southlake Mall? 

In its report “Southlake Mall: How the new mall has made us a different kind of society”, the EHMRC stated that: ‘We are not here to be social justice warriors, we are here to create a better, more inclusive, and fairer society.’ 

In order to achieve this, Southlake has set out to make the mall more inclusive and welcoming. 

We are a diverse community of people and the mall is a place for people to gather. 

Our aim is to encourage and support people from all walks of life to come together and to celebrate diversity, inclusivity and equality.’

We want to provide a place where everyone can feel welcomed, to feel safe, to be welcomed in the shopping centre and to feel at home.’

Our aim is to create an inclusive and diverse mall for everyone to enjoy.’ 

Southlake has been able to do this by: setting up a ‘No Bullying’ policy, which is aimed at ensuring that people feel safe ‘No Bullies’ is the name of a new initiative to ensure that people are not bullied. 

These initiatives will be enforced in the mall by ‘Staff Protection’. 

Staff Protection is a new policy which will be implemented by all employees in Southlake. 

Staff protection is based on the principle that employees are the responsibility of their organisations to protect themselves and their families from bullying. 

In addition, the mall has created an ‘Anti-Bullying Campaign’, which will continue to be enforced by Staff Security to ensure that all staff feel safe. 

Southgate Mall has been created to allow Southlake residents and visitors to experience a new kind of mall and have a safe and inclusive shopping experience. 

I know that there are people who feel like their mall is not inclusive enough, and that it should have been made more inclusive. 

This is why SouthLake Mall has created a No Bulling’ policy. 

No bullying is defined as a behaviour that causes an individual to feel unsafe or uncomfortable, or to feel unable to be themselves. 

There are no exceptions for people of colour, trans, genderqueer, intersex, non-binary or people who are disabled. 

By creating a ‘no-bullying’ rule, Southgate Mall hopes to ensure everyone feels safe at Southlake and that the mall remains a safe place for all people to have fun, explore, shop and be happy. 

Are we all equal? 

As the Southdale Mall project shows, there are many Southlake people who feel like their experience is not being taken seriously by their local government. 

A survey commissioned by Southlake was conducted last year by the Southdale and the City of South Lakes. 

It revealed that more than 60% of Southlake locals felt that their local council and councils have failed to treat them fairly. 

As such, they support the Project and have decided to support it. 

To date, the project has received over $15,000 from over 100 local residents and businesses to make Southland a safer, more affordable and inclusive community. 

Should you sign up for South Lake Mall?

As I write this article, the project has raised over $18,000 from over 40 

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