Why are some people in the Westfield mall in the northeast corner of town really mad?

Moreno Valley mall has been a sore spot in the heart of the downtown core for a long time.

Since it opened in 2003, the mall has served as a gathering place for the downtown population for the better part of the decade.

When the mall first opened, it was filled with people who wanted to buy the latest fashion, new music, or go for a ride to the mall.

The mall has also attracted a lot of other downtown dwellers who were just looking for a little bit of shopping.

That all changed in the last few years.

There have been a lot more mall shoppers, and a lot less people at Westfield.

This week, Westfield has announced that they are pulling out of their mall and moving the shopping center back to its original location in the westbound lanes of the Mall of America at Lenox.

Westfield has said they have a new shopping center planned for Lenox, which is only 10 minutes away from the mall and about a half hour from downtown.

The mall is now located in a strip mall at Lenodale and Lenox in the northwest corner of the mall, which means the shopping mall is about a 10-minute drive from downtown and less than an hour from the Lenox area.

So how do you make a move to the west?

There are a lot fewer people who are living in Lenox at the moment, so the mall is trying to rebrand itself as a new, upscale mall.

It is hoping that with this new branding, the local population will flock to the new shopping area. 

The mall had also announced that the new Lenox shopping center would be opened by the end of March 2019, so you can expect to see the mall moving back to the east.

A new shopping plaza has also been added to the north side of the building.

And while the mall still has a few more months before it will open, the move has already started, and more people have been coming to the Westfields mall in Lenos valley for a while now.

The news of the move comes as Westfield is facing a backlash from residents of the area who have been protesting against the mall for years.

A recent video shows residents of Lenos Valley protesting outside Westfield’s new shopping mall.

A local news outlet said Westfield officials are now working with the Lenos residents to make sure that the shopping centers new location is not disruptive to the community.

According to the Associated Press, Westfields spokesman David Sacks said the new Westfield Mall will be a “renovated, more efficient, more environmentally friendly mall.”

According the report, the new mall will also be built with local materials and be a more affordable place to live.

The Lenos area is also known for its residents’ frustration with Westfield and its policies, with residents often complaining about poor planning and construction, high rents, and the lack of community and cultural resources for the Leno area.

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