‘A little bit of everything’: The 10 most important things to know about northridge malls

One of the best things about northward malls is that they’re all open from 10am-9pm every day. 

“They’re all full, so you’re going to have people running out and people walking around.

It’s pretty much like a community,” said Jana Ebert, who works for a company that makes outdoor furniture.

“You just feel like everybody is out there working and everybody’s excited.” 

“You’re just kind of walking around, talking to people, trying to get to know each other, and you’re kind of making connections.

That’s really what it’s about,” said Ebert. 

The city of Northridge is home to more than 1,500 mall tenants, but Ebert said it’s only been a couple of months since the city opened its doors to the public. 

As the city looks to create an urban lifestyle in a suburban setting, Ebert believes they need to look at ways to expand northward. 

She said they need a more holistic approach to attracting people to Northridge, as opposed to just the downtown area. 

“(The) Northridge Mall is one of the few malls that you can actually go into,” said Lenny Trenberth, who lives in the area and is an owner of the Northridge Plaza. 

“[It’s] definitely a very large mall, but the city has to be looking at everything that’s happening in the surrounding areas and not just in the downtown,” he said. 

A few months ago, Trenberger noticed some big changes in the mall. 

 “I saw that there was a lot of construction going on, so I started asking my wife, ‘What is going on with all this?'” he said, referring to the massive mall renovation that took place in March. 

Trenberger said he saw a big difference in the atmosphere of the mall compared to the past couple of years. 

After months of renovation, he said he noticed that the mall was a little more relaxed. 

It was definitely a little different from the previous couple of weeks,” he told KTVU. 

In January, the mall underwent renovations to include a new outdoor deck, an indoor bar, a restaurant, and a fitness center. 

And in May, the city announced that it would be adding a fitness class and fitness center, which could be a boon to Northwood residents. 

For now, Eberts hope that the Northbrook community can look to Northbrook for the same kind of community-building. 

He said they’re hoping to have a small group of Northbrook residents come to the mall and work out and do a lot, but he said they also hope to have many people from other areas who want to come here and live. 

There are also some residents who are excited about the changes coming to the Northwood area, but they’re still worried about what could happen in the city. 

Ebert said that if the city’s remodeling is successful, they want to make sure the community is able to move forward. 

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