‘Bridgewater’ and ‘MTV’ alum Dan Haysley: ‘I’m in love with my career’

“When I first got the job, I was on my third season on ‘Brentwood,’ and I knew it was the end of the line.

My agent and I were both going to go out on the set and see how far I could take myself,” Hays said.

“So I just started doing my thing, and it was a beautiful experience.

When we got to ‘Myspace,’ I was so excited.

It’s a big place, and I had all the experience and knowledge and passion I could possibly need. “

I think it was just a huge opportunity.

It’s a big place, and I had all the experience and knowledge and passion I could possibly need.

I just think it’s such a wonderful experience, and the whole cast is so amazing.

I’m just in love.

I feel so lucky.

I can’t believe what I’ve done and the work I’ve been able to do.

I want to thank my family, my coaches, my friends, my fans and my fans in general for the incredible support.”

Hays, who played the title role on the hit MTV series, was one of several actors to join the cast of MTV’s upcoming series, which is about to premiere on Monday, Sept. 10.

Hays’ character, Mike, is a hip-hop artist who is trying to keep his music underground after his success and fame has spread around the world.

“When the show comes out, I’ll be on the show, I won’t be on ‘Mtv,’ but I’ll definitely be on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and all the other social media platforms,” Hartsley said.

In the new series, Mike will also be a father, mentor, business owner and a leader.

Hysly will play a former high school basketball player and now, college basketball player who is also a rapper.

He said he is excited to be part of the show and play a role in it.

“To be able to play the role of a high school kid who’s trying to make it on the basketball team is a dream come true for me,” Hysley said in a statement.

“Playing a rapper and being able to be a mentor to my young son is an honor.

I look forward to learning from the talented young men on ‘The Brentwood Show,’ and hopefully I’ll become a part of it for many years to come.”

Hysleys role in “The Brent Wood Show” will not be limited to his role on “Brent Wood.”

He will be also reprising his role as an older hip-hopping rapper, who was recently featured in a series of commercials for Adidas.

“My role on ‘Kardashian’ will be to provide a hip hop perspective on the world of music, and this will be the first time I’ll have to play a rapper on the ‘Korda’ music show,” Hiesly said.

Hartsly said he has received many emails from fans asking for his thoughts on the series and is excited for fans to see him as he continues to grow in his career.

“The reality is, when I first came to Hollywood, I didn’t really have a sense of the world around me,” he said.

He added that he has a lot of love for his friends and fans.

“If there’s one thing I want fans to know, it’s that I love my family.

I think I have a good sense of myself.

I love what I do.

So that’s really what I hope for fans, is that I can be a part, and that’s the reason I’m coming on the Brentwood show.” “

And I think in the world we live in now, people are realizing that they are in love and people are really looking for someone that has that same spirit.

So that’s really what I hope for fans, is that I can be a part, and that’s the reason I’m coming on the Brentwood show.”

The show premieres Monday, Aug. 13 at 10 p.m.


“Bridgate” will be followed by another new MTV series next year called “Hands of Stone,” which follows the life of a man who has taken on a new job.

Howsley said he will not return for the new “Bridges,” but will be back for the “Halls of Stone” series.

“There’s a new show called ‘Halls,’ and it’s just going to be another version of ‘Bridges’ and it will be very similar to ‘Hands,’ but it’s going to come to an end,” Hestsley said of the upcoming “Homes of the West.”

“I can’t wait to do this new series.”

The first season of “Bristol’ will premiere on Sunday, Sept,

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