How to watch the upcoming Palisades Mall live coverage from a new site

The Palisade Mall, a mega mall in the heart of Los Angeles’ Chinatown, is set to open its doors on July 1, 2020.

The first day of the mall’s debut will be held from June 1 through July 2.

It will be the first major mall in Los Angeles to open, with plans to add a third stage and a new outdoor plaza.

The Mall will also boast a total of 1,100,000 square feet of retail space, with an estimated cost of $4.5 billion.

There will be over 1,200 restaurants and more than 2,000 bars.

The Paliad Mall will be an anchor of a planned 21st century downtown development.

While the mall itself is just two blocks from the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and the 405 Freeway, it will feature a more pedestrian-friendly layout.

The project will feature mixed-use apartments and a park and green space.

The plan also includes a new parking garage with a rooftop terrace.

The $1.4 billion project will include a number of new residential projects, including three luxury apartment towers and a boutique hotel.

The new residential project will offer two levels of luxury: one above-ground level, and one below-ground one.

The above-level apartments will have an average price of $2.5 million, and the below-level units will be priced at $1 million.

The mall’s opening will also be accompanied by a new public plaza, which will be a new space that will be part of the Mall’s new public space.

At the plaza, the mall will offer a full bar and restaurant with live entertainment, a children’s playground, and a plaza that will feature over 400 art installations.

In addition to a new plaza, Paliade Mall will have a number new features and services that will complement the mall.

There is an indoor bike path that will lead visitors to the top of the plaza and then the top level of the project, with the trail winding up to the Paliades River.

The bike path will also connect to a pedestrian bridge connecting to the Pacific Ocean.

The city of Los Angles has announced that a new pedestrian bridge will connect the Pacific to the Grand Canal, and it will also link the Palisad Park to the river.

The park will include green spaces and a nature preserve.

The area around the Palaisades Mall will include new parkland that will allow for a larger number of activities and events.

The development of the Palises Mall will generate hundreds of thousands of jobs, which in turn will support a thriving and vibrant Los Angeles economy.

What you need to know about the new Palisadas Mall:

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