What happens when Mall of America’s mall in Portland, Oregon, opens its doors?

In the summer of 2018, the mall in Northwest Portland, the Mall of Americas, opened to the public and was immediately hailed by locals as a great place to live and shop.

But the mall’s first year of operation was not exactly a success.

The mall had a whopping 17 million square feet of space, but only sold $6 million worth of merchandise.

The company’s stock price tanked, and the company was unable to make a profit, so in the fall of 2018 the company changed the mall to a mall with a new name. 

What was the problem?

It was the mall itself.

The original mall was a mall, and it was called The Mall of Africa. 

As mall, The Mall was a mixed-use mall with multiple shopping centers, but it lacked a retail anchor. 

Mall of America opened its doors on June 8, 2019. 

I was on the mall when the new mall opened in May, and I saw a lot of people getting in line to purchase things like TVs, furniture, clothes, electronics, and more.

I’ve been to a lot more malls than this one, but The Mall Of Africa had one thing going for it: it was in the middle of nowhere. 

The mall was situated on the outskirts of Portland, but the city is a little more than 1,100 miles from the Mall.

The land used for the mall was actually owned by the city of Portland. 

At the time of its opening, The Portland Mall was already home to Portland’s oldest high school, and its location on the eastern edge of Portland made it the perfect location for a new mall. 

After the mall opened, many Portland residents, like myself, took to the mall like it was a playground. 

It was a lot like a small high school campus, complete with basketball courts, playgrounds, and a few basketball-size basketball courts for kids to play on. 

In 2017, a few months before the mall started, Portland was still struggling with a recession, and people were starting to leave the city for better, more affordable opportunities in cities like Denver, San Diego, and Seattle. 

So it was no surprise that Portland’s mall was soon hit with a big downturn. 

Since its opening on May 8, the Portland Mall has sold less than half of what it sold a year prior. 

But despite the fact that the mall has sold fewer than half the amount it sold in 2018, it still managed to gross more than $18 million in profit. 

Even though the mall had been hit hard by the recession, it was still able to generate a lot in profits. 

According to Forbes Magazine, in 2017, Portland’s annual sales were more than enough to buy a brand new SUV, a luxury sports car, a new house, and $150,000 in new real estate. 

There was even a new school, called Oregon West, that was set to open in 2020. 

Portland’s business is on a high, but its growth has slowed a bit. 

Now that the new company has taken over the mall, it seems that the city will need to start rebuilding. 

One day, it will be an incredible shopping center with more than 17 million people shopping at the mall every day, and one day it will also be the hub for a huge city. 

This article was written by Josh Lehner and first published at The Mall Blog.

You can follow Josh on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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