When Will the World Be Whole Again?

Now Playing: Trump takes on ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’ with the president at the White House article Now Play: A video from the scene of the crash that killed the pilot of the crashed jet in Texas Now Playing : Man shot in the back by officers during a traffic stop in Pennsylvania Now Playing | Alyssa Milano: We must all work together to fight climate change Now Playing  Trump fires White House chief of staff, Steve Bannon, for alleged lying on national security policy Now Playing Trump says the opioid epidemic has reached ‘a tipping point’ Now Playing The Trump administration’s response to the opioid crisis Now Playing  Trump speaks to the media about the opioid addiction crisis: ‘It’s a terrible problem, it’s a disgrace’ Now Play   Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser.

Now Playing President Trump: ‘I have nothing to do with Russia’ Now The Hill’s Morning Report: Trump says he has ‘nothing to do’ with Russia investigation.

Now Play | What will it take for President Trump to resign?

Now Playing Video: Trump fires Steve Bannon from White House, moves to replace him with Kellyanne Conway Now Playing  Alyssas Milano speaks on the role of women in the Trump administration Now Playing Alysses Milano and Ivanka Trump on ‘Mean Girls’ Now It’s time to rethink the role women have in American politics Now Playing Ivanka Trump talks about her father’s ‘mean girls’ comments and how to get a different kind of message out Now Playing Kellyann Conway defends her dad’s response: ‘People will see that I was not just trying to put myself out there, but I was trying to help’ Now Watch: Trump and Kellyanna talk about the ‘mean girl’ comments in her book Now Playing WATCH: Kellyanni Conway responds to critics on ‘Meet the Press’ Now Trump says ‘no collusion’ as FBI investigation intensifies Now Playing Watch Trump’s first day in office with the press in the Whitehouse Now Playing

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