Why are New York City’s malls being shut down?

Crabtree Valley Mall, a flagship of the Macy’s department store chain, will close for maintenance and renovation on Jan. 12, according to a company spokeswoman.

The mall, which opened in 1999, is located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn.

Macy’s has closed the Mall of America in Atlanta, which is part of the Atlanta-based shopping hub of Cobb County.

Macy, the world’s largest department store operator, has been grappling with rising consumer debt and falling sales.

Its parent company, the American International Group, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month.

In March, Macy’s reported that it would close a fourth location in its flagship store in Manhattan in 2021, which had been planned for 2020.

Crab Tree Valley Mall has had trouble attracting customers.

Macy has said that it has been struggling to keep its customers coming to its stores.

The Macy’s spokeswoman said the mall will be closed for about 30 days during the holiday shopping season, but that the mall could reopen in 2019.

The spokeswoman said that the company plans to open Crab Trees, which was built in 1929, in 2020.

In 2019, Macy expanded CrabTree Valley Mall in New Jersey to serve the burgeoning Jersey Shore, and Macy’s planned to open a second location in North Carolina, where it operates the popular Macy’s on the Hudson and The Plaza in Midtown.

Macy said in March that it was closing its flagship stores in New York and Atlanta, but said it was “committed to continuing to grow and expand the business in those markets.”

Macy’s announced in March 2019 that it plans to shutter all four of its New York locations, and that it will open a third location in Los Angeles.

The company has been trying to open stores in Las Vegas, San Diego and Orlando, Fla.

in recent years, but Macy’s had trouble finding enough qualified workers to do the job.

The closure of Crab tree mall will affect about 1 million customers who use the mall, according the Macy website.

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