How to Make Your Own Zombie Costume for Halloween

By now, you’ve probably seen the Zombie costume you’ve been eyeing, but which one should you buy?

That’s where our friend Nathan, aka NathanTheFrog, comes in.

His costume is so versatile, you can make it into any Halloween outfit you want.

Nathan says it’s not a costume, it’s just a zombie costume.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Zombie Costume How to make your own zombie costume for Halloween The first thing you need is a zombie.

Make sure you have a bunch of the following items: A few large zombie heads.

I used a few from my local zombie shop and a few other local vendors.

A zombie costume, which is basically a zombie head with a little extra skin.

A lot of the zombies we see in the movies and TV shows have extra skin, which means you’ll need to add some of that skin to your costume.

Some zombie costumes also come with a head.

Make your zombie head from a piece of cardboard or foam.

You’ll want to get the best one possible, and it should have a wide mouth and a large eyes that are just big enough for a zombie to look at.

A mask.

If you want to make sure your zombie doesn’t look like he’s got a mask, mask and face paint are both great.

Just make sure you get a big enough mask for your zombie.

A few other zombie related supplies.

These include zombie gloves, mask, zombie mask, and a zombie t-shirt.

These supplies can be purchased online or at the local zombie store.

For example, you could buy a mask for $4.99 and get a t-shirts for $2.99.

Or you could purchase some masks at the zombie shop for $6.99 each and get two t-shirts for $15.00.

To make sure the zombie looks like he has a mask on, put a mask over his face and apply some zombie makeup.

These masks are usually made from a thick layer of a plastic spray paint that has a spray paint on it.

A little bit of makeup, like a mask or a wig, can add a little more dimension to your zombie costume if you want it to look more authentic.

If there’s no mask or mask paint, you’ll have to add a wig.

A wig is a wig that looks like it has an eyelash or some sort of eyelid covering.

If your wig is too short or too thick, it can be difficult to keep it in place when you’re fighting off zombies.

For more information about wig makeup, check out our video tutorial.

You can buy a few zombie masks online.

These items can be pretty cheap, so you can probably get some for around $10.

You may also want to pick up a zombie mask that’s similar to the ones you buy at the mall.

Make the mask a little bigger so you’ll be able to move around a little better.

If all else fails, you may want to purchase a few more t-Shirts for around the same price.

Make them the same color as the wig you purchased.

This will make it easier for your Zombie to wear a wig when you try to attack.

You could buy the t-shop t- shirt, but you’ll probably want to buy two or three t- shirts for around 10 bucks each.

It’s also a good idea to get a few extra zombie masks and headpieces.

You should also grab a few cheap zombie masks that look just like your Zombie’s.

These are made from foam, so they’re usually cheaper than mask masks.

If buying t-SHirts at the zombie shop, you should buy a bunch to try out before buying the actual mask.

They should come in a little baggie, but if you’re shopping online, they can usually be purchased in a single baggie.

Make up your Zombie.

To create the look of your Zombie, you want him to look like a zombie, so that he can stand out in the crowd.

First, you need a costume.

For this Halloween, you will want to go for something that looks just like the movie or TV show you’re going to be fighting off the zombies in.

Makeup, a mask and a wig are all great options, so make sure they’re all the same type of costume.

If the costume is a little different, you might want to try a wig instead.

This costume is often made of a wig and mask that you put on in the costume store.

You will likely be using some of your favorite makeup brushes or powders to create a wig like you’re doing in the movie.

After you’ve got your zombie makeup, you add the headpiece and costume.

Make a wig out of some hair or hair-like substance that you can stick to your head.

You want to add hair-type makeup to make it look more realistic.

You might use hair dye or

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