Northridge Mall opens to non-resident shoppers

Northridge, Calif.

— A mall in northridge, California, opened to shoppers on Thursday, a first for the area.

Northridge Mall is owned by the Northridge-based Mall of America.

It opened to the public last week and will be a mall that offers shopping, dining, entertainment and other retail offerings, including a full-service restaurant, spa and fitness center, according to its website.

The mall, which opened in March, was built on the site of the former Northridge Shopping Center, which was demolished in 2009 and replaced with the new Northridge Town Center in 2015.

Northshire Mall, a similar mall in California, was the first in the U.S. to open in the nation’s largest city.

The mall is located in the heart of downtown, near the intersection of Northridge Boulevard and Northridge Avenue.

Mall spokeswoman Sarah Rees told The Associated Press on Thursday that the mall will offer shoppers a wide variety of merchandise and a shopping experience unlike any other.

The Northridge mall was designed by renowned architect Richard Meier, who was awarded the Order of Canada in 2016.

Rees said the new mall will also feature a full service restaurant, a full fitness center and a full spa, and will also offer a “comfortable, quiet and inviting shopping environment.”

In a statement, Mall of American CEO Mark D. Fischler said the mall is “designed for the 21st century consumer who is willing to explore new experiences and new products.”

“Our goal is to make the shopping experience at Northridge the best it can be,” Fischlers said.

“We are excited to offer customers in the community a full shopping experience with our full- service restaurant and fitness centers and the ability to explore our full array of retail and food offerings.”

The new Northbrook Mall will feature a large indoor mall with retail, restaurants and shops.

The mall will have a full range of stores including a pharmacy, a beauty salon, a department store, a sporting goods store and more.

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