Why you should avoid the Oakland Mall in northpark

The North Park Mall in Oakland, Calif., is the largest mall in the Bay Area.

This is no surprise.

Oakland is the home of many high-end boutiques, and it’s also a hub for many high tech companies.

And, of course, it has a huge mall, which means it attracts a lot of people.

But when it comes to the mall itself, you’d be surprised how few people actually use it.

A recent survey found that only 1 percent of the people surveyed said they would actually shop at the mall.

And according to an online poll conducted by the Oakland Business Journal, just 3 percent of people who voted for the local council in a special election said they actually used the mall in April.

In other words, most people don’t go to North Park.

But we wanted to know why.

So we contacted the people who actually go there and asked them.

The results are surprising.


The mall is overcrowded and underused A number of mall workers told us they are understaffed.

They are often out of their jobs for months at a time, or even years at a stretch.

So, when they do get back in the office, they are not always in the mood to do their jobs well.

For example, the mall is one of the busiest malls in the country and has a capacity of about 10 million visitors a day.

That’s almost double the number of people the mall’s busiest mall in New York City, which has about 2.5 million visitors.

The main reason for this is that the mall, like the rest of the Bay area, is understaffing, said Jennifer Lee, director of retail research at the research firm McKinsey & Co. “There are so many people who work at North Park and there are so few that they are really not used to it,” she said.


It’s a low-income community 1 in 6 people in Oakland lives below the poverty line.

For people living in poverty, the cost of living can be prohibitive.

A study by McKinsey and several other analysts found that the average annual cost of a median-income home in the city is $4,700.

That means, on average, an Oakland home costs $1,400 a year to live in.

The median home value in Oakland is $1.5m.

And the median family income is $62,000, according to a McKinsey study.

This means that the cost to rent a house is $7,300 a year.

It also means that a $1 million home costs an average of $9,200 a year for utilities, Lee said.


It has no bike lanes.

One of the main attractions of the North Park mall is the bike lanes on several streets.

But, Lee told us, “I think it’s more of a bike park than a bike mall because they don’t have any bike lanes.”

According to a recent McKinsey report, there are just about 1,000 bike lanes in the U.S. That number includes some of the most congested streets in the United States.

That said, many cities have a dedicated bike lane, Lee noted.

And there are other bike lanes and greenways throughout the city.

But in Oakland?

The city does not have a bike lane.

And its “core core” bike lanes are too narrow for riders who are taller than 6-foot-2, Lee pointed out.

“In the past, I think we would have a much better understanding of what the mall does and what the people use it for, if we were able to get a bike on those lanes,” Lee said, “or if we could have some bike parking, because that’s where the majority of the bike traffic is.”


The store has a high number of empty shelves The store at North Market has a big list of products and it has the highest turnover rate of any of the stores in the mall at about 1 percent.

But Lee said the lack of stores means that people aren’t buying much, especially since the majority stores in Oakland are full of electronics, clothing, and home goods.

In fact, Lee says that the majority store is only carrying about 1 to 2 percent of its inventory.

That includes the majority department stores, which are the stores that sell electronics, clothes, home goods, furniture, and other consumer goods.


It is not a bike-friendly shopping center.

While the North Market does have a handful of bike lanes, they do not have the same kind of bike infrastructure as other stores in North Oakland.

“You don’t see the kinds of bike racks and racks and chains and racks,” Lee told the NewsHour.

The only thing that’s really going to help you cycle is if you ride on the sidewalk,” Lee added.

And that is not something that North Market is doing at all.

Instead, the store has “a bunch of signs that say you need to use the sidewalks,” Lee

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