Why we love Santa Ana’s square one mall

SANTA ANITA, Calif.— When I first came here 15 years ago, it was a brand new mall, with no stores or parking.The mall was packed with people on a Sunday afternoon, but the mall felt empty.It felt like we had all moved to another country, and we didn’t have anything.When we arrived, there were moreRead More

The mall cop who saved my life

Posted August 30, 2018 08:01:03The man who saved the life of a mall cop was a good cop.The video of the incident was released in the wake of another tragic shooting involving a police officer.But that wasn’t enough for the victim.In January, a former Northside Mall cop, Aaron Hernandez, shot and killed Odin Lloyd, aRead More

UCLA students protest ‘black lives matter’ at school mall

UCLA students protesting “black lives matters” at the campus mall have sparked a backlash.According to a student newspaper, the protesters are “anti-Semitic, misogynistic, racist, and are racist to the core.”The newspaper reported that the students “have called for a boycott of UCLA, and the university president has called for them to leave.”UCLA, the campus’s third-largest,Read More

How a giant mall in Chandler could be reborn

By Amy E. HickeyThe Chandler Mall was one of the largest shopping malls in the country when it opened in 1954.It was so big that when the first car was sold in the mall, there were no other cars in town to get a car for.Today, the Chandler Mall is a destination for travelers fromRead More

How to spot the malls with a $20 gift card

In the heart of the city, the Fairlane Mall is the largest shopping complex in the state, with over 20 million square feet of retail space.In the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, the Gardens of Versailles is the grandest shopping complex, complete with a rooftop park.But the fairlane mall is also home to a numberRead More

The Biggest Deals of 2018

A year ago, when we wrote about the top deals of the year, we thought that we’d give you a quick look at the top mall deals of 2018, which included deals that weren’t on our list but you may have heard of if you live in one of the nation’s most populous metro areas.InRead More

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